Here are the top five most important reasons
you should use Ashore Realty as your rental agent

1) Why use Ashore Realty over companies like AirBnB and VRBO?

You can of course rent your property yourself through an online rental company but you’ll also pay taxes and fees. Plus after you accept the rental, you’re on your own. If Ashore Realty secures a tenant for you we will write the lease, have it signed, collect the money, take any complaint calls and assist the cleaning service in accessing your home. View more about what Ashore Realty can do for you as well as summer rental tips here …. TIPS FOR HOME OWNERS

2) Vacation rental fraud is at an all time high and renters trust us

You’ve heard the stories. Person finds a vacation rental on a web site like CraigsList, sends the payment to the “owner”, shows up at the front door to start their vacation and the real home owner answers & has no clue who they are. The renter got scammed. This simply cannot happen if a reputable real estate office is used and renters know this. Read more rental scam stories HERE.

3) With Ashore Realty you’re protected under CSA Renters Insurance

Ashore Realty requires our renters to purchase CSA renters insurance (or pay a $1500 security deposit). With CSA our property owners are protected up to $3000 in accidental damages. If there’s a problem Ashore Realty will fill out all necessary paperwork, get your claim filed & get your check to you timely manner. More info at

4) Ashore Realty was voted BEST real estate office in Brigantine

For three years Ashore Realty has been voted one of the top three best real estate office’s in South Jersey and the best office in Brigantine! READ MORE

5) Ashore Realty has been Brigantine’s summer rental leader for over 30 Years

Literally thousands of people walk through our doors each and every season to start their vacation. Many of these customers are repeat tenants that return to our office because of our second to none customer service (our homemade complimentary cookie help too).

While our summer rental department has been at the top of the Brigantine market for 30 years, Ashore Realty takes great pride in our sales department. Our sales agents have over 15 years experience on average and we guarantee our listing marketing program is unlike anything any other local agency can offer! CLICK HERE to view our marketing plan. For luxury properties, check out our PLATINUM MARKETING PLAN.