For more than 35 years Ashore Realty has been Brigantine’s undisputed summer rental leader! Although we are constantly marketing for new tenants, 70% of our summer rental business is repeat customers. Our customer service is second to none and our testimonials speak for themselves.

How do I Begin?

The first step is to register your rental property with the City. You must fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee to the City of Brigantine. The fee is $150 per bedroom (if you have a 2 bedroom unit the fee will be $300.  If you have a 3 bedroom unit the fee will be $450, etc). You only have to register your property once but the fee is to be paid every year you do rentals. The City must also inspect all rental properties every year. If your property is listed with Ashore Realty we will coordinate inspections with the City.  Brigantine Fire Prevention can answer any questions you have regarding registration and inspections. (609) 266-3102.  CLICK HERE for the city’s new short term rental regulations that start 1/1/24.

Next Step

Fill out the Ashore Realty Rental Forms. There are no fees to pay Ashore Realty unless we rent your property.


Ashore Realty does not do property management under terms of this agreement. It is the responsibility of the owner (s) to inspect the property, prior to the rental season and in between each weekly tenant to insure the unit is in good condition and all appliances, air conditioners and utilities are in working order.

Ashore Realty will not list a rental property if it is advertised at a lower price elsewhere. The price you are asking must be consistent whether you are renting your property on your own or listed with us.

Any additional upfront fees you wish to charge your tenants such as cleaning, trash removal, taxes, etc must be included with the rental asking price.

If your property is listed with Ashore Realty you are free to list your rental with other real estate offices as we do not require our owners to sign exclusive listing agreements but we do not allow other real estate office’s rental signs to be displayed on the property.


We require our owners to have their properties cleaned before each tenant checks in to insure your property is in tip top condition. We also require each homeowner to do a full spring cleaning prior to the start of the season.

Here are some local cleaning services:

Fanny Caceres 609-553-9742
Beachy Clean 609-453-1448
Sparkle Cleaning (609) 233-9505
A Shore Maid (609) 266-1400
Reeny’s Cleaning Service (609) 377-9083

Trash & Recycling

The City picks up trash once a week. We recommend having one trash can and one recycle can for every 3 people your unit sleeps. Example: If your rental sleeps 9 people, you should have three trash cans (with lids) and three recycle cans.

Municipal residential trash collection is provided by the City of Brigantine to all single-family, two-family, three-family and four-family detached or attached dwellings. All items must be put out no earlier than 4:00 p.m. the day prior to collection or by 7:00 a.m. on collection day. Household trash must be in trash containers with lids. Failure to do so may result in a summons.

Trash Pickup Schedule
Monday – 45th Street South to Bridge
Tuesday – Golf Course area
Wednesday – 14th St. North to 5th Street South
Thursday – 6th Street South to 23rd Street South
Friday – 24th 1/2 alley to 45th Street South

Recycles are picked up once a week in the summer.


Brigantine’s Household Trash & Recycling Convenience Center

The City of Brigantine has public dumpsters open for household debris (NO CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS) and recyclables located on 38th street between Bayshore Ave and Brigantine Ave. We recommend that you instruct your tenants to take all of their remaining trash to the Convenience Center on the day of check out. The Convenience Center is open 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Beach Tags

If you are providing beach tags to your tenants, keep them in the unit with instructions that there will be a fee for each lost tag. If your tenants lose or accidentally take home a tag, Ashore Realty has a limited amount of tags we can lend out to your next tenants until new ones are purchased.

Most landlords keep the beach tags (and pool passes if provided) in a basket on the kitchen counter.

Necessary Items and Supplies You Must Have in Your Rental

– Blankets and pillows for the amount of people the unit sleeps

– All lights inside and outside in working order and extra bulbs in the unit

– Working vacuum cleaner

– Mop and broom

– Cleaning supplies

– Wifi

– Cable TV or smart TV’s with streaming.

– Coffee pot (standard & Keurig), cooking utensils, pots (including a large pot), pans, etc.

<- Dishes, plates, cups, glasses, silverware (enough for the amount of people that the unit sleeps)

Electronic key pad locks are recommended but if you have a standard key lock, owners are to supply Ashore Realty with 3 sets of working keys to their unit. 2 sets to be given to tenant upon check-in and 1 set to be kept in the office in case of emergency.

It is a good idea to post a note on the refrigerator to your tenants explaining to them about lost tag fees, Internet password and trash removal/trash day.

Here is an example of what you would hang on your refrigerator for your tenants

We will gladly design a custom flyer for you. Simply e-mail the specific details you want on the flyer to and we will e-mail you a pdf flyer for you to print..

Recommended Items to Increase Bookings

Air conditioning

Central air is king, window or wall units in every room at the very least.

High speed Internet

People simply will not live without access to their Facebook & e-mails. Not providing WIFI will cost you bookings. Be sure to display your Internet password where your tenant can see it.

Upgraded cable

80% of our summer rental customers come from the Philly area. That’s a lot of Phillies fans & they like to watch their Phils (win or lose). It’s also a nice touch to have the channel line up printed out and left near the living room TV. If you’re using Comcast, here’s a link so you can print out their channel line up XFINITY LINEUP

TV’s in all rooms

The National Sleep Foundation reported that 95% of Americans use an electronic device (TV, laptop) an hour before they fall asleep. You may be surprised at how many prospective tenants ask “do all the bedrooms have TV’s” ?


Charcoal or gas. If you’re providing a gas grill please check to make sure it’s working, has a full tank (and spare one if available) and in clean condition.

Beach chairs

Tenant’s love hearing beach chairs are provided so they don’t have to lug them down to the shore.

Outside Shower

Not many people have an outside shower at home so it’s a really cool novelty to have one on vacation. Plus it keeps sand out of your house!

Blender & cork screw

People love their margaritas & wine when down the shore! It’s always 5:00 on vacation!

Beach tags

Many tenants ask if beach tags are included. It’s a nice touch to provide them and it will help with bookings. CLICK FOR BEACH TAG INFO

Be mindful of clutter. Over the years of renting your vacation home, kitchen cabinets get full of useless items …. (excess tupperware containers, plastic forks & spoons, etc). Each season empty the cabinets out to leave room for your tenant’s food.

Ashore Realty dominates the Internet when it comes to online marketing. We own a vast number of Brigantine related domain names including,, and to name a few. We also come up first on most Brigantine related Internet searches. Each year our web site has over 100,000 visits. Since we only deal with Brigantine rentals and Brigantine sales each person that visited our site clicked on because they were interested in Brigantine real estate or Brigantine rentals. This is one of the many reasons we are Brigantine’s undisputed summer rental leader. In addition to rentals we’ve helped buyers and sellers come together for over 35 years and our agents have an average of 20 years experience in the real estate industry.

Ashore Realty Dominates in Online and Social Media Marketing!

You’re in Control

Ashore Realty was the first real estate office at the Jersey Shore that started giving their summer rental owners access to their web listing. All of our owners have a username & password that allows them access to their property information to book or unbook weeks, add or delete an unlimited number of photos and customize the description of their rental. This is ideal to keeping your rental listing fresh and prevent double bookings. E-mail us at to get your username & password so you can get started today!

Vacation Rental Insurance

Ashore Realty was the first real estate office in Brigantine that offered Vacation Rental Insurance to better protect our landlords. Tenants have two security deposit options when renting from Ashore Realty:

1) Putting up refundable $1500 cleaning/damage deposit

2) Purchasing Tenant Rental Insurance for $69 and a $200 refundable cleaning deposit

The Vacation Rental Insurance will protect our owners up to $3000. CLICK HERE for more information on CSA Travel Protection

E-mail us at or call us if you have any questions regarding renting your shore home.

(609) 266-2911

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